Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips on how to win back your ex's heart?

anyone any tips or information you'd like to share on how to get back with an ex boyfriend. my boyfriend dumped me 6weeks ago,he says he has absolutley no feelings for me at the min but i still think deep down somewhere he has. anybody any advice for me that will help me win back his heart?Tips on how to win back your ex's heart?
Try winning him back with being the best friend possible. Try to remember what attracted him to you at the beginning and be more like that. Don't you think this could work?

Sometimes people just get confused. Reminding him why he liked you so much might just be enough to change his mind. If you want to know more check m resource.

The only thing you mustn't do is chase him. Don't call him, don't tell him how you feel... this will only make him feel pity for you. That's not what you want right?

Do your best to make it work again, but if it doesn't just accept it and move on. :DTips on how to win back your ex's heart?
Well it depends on how he treats you. You can be friends for now and try to build a relationship back up but he wouldn't like it if you're one of those cliche crazy ex girlfriends that needs to stop calling him. Just give him some space first. Don't push yourself on him.
it's not worth it. If a man says that to you. BELIEVE him. don't waste time trying to ';win'; him back because there's nothing more unattractive to a man than a desperate woman.
Oh please. Exes are the easiest to win back. They're your exes for godsake.

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