Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get your ex back?

my friend wants some advice to get his ex back. he got rid of his drinking and drug use. they have a kid together, he wants to be a family again but she just wants to ***** at him. she says she dosnt want to be with, but she wants him to watch movies with her and hang out at the house. they talk to each other, and even though he is moved out, when ever he tells her he wants to spend money on something she will say ';we dont have the money to be spending'; but she dosnt want him as a bf or whatever. what should he doHow to get your ex back?
Move on! but do the right thing for the kid.How to get your ex back?
The best thing for him to do ( trust this it happened to me) is ignore her intimately. Be there for his child, shoe he is responsible, and do not give her time, even if she wants him to come over and play :). he should act as if he has moved on, this will make her believe he is seeing someone esle, and she would want to put a stop to this asap.

If she really wants him, she will come to him on some real ****, and stop playing games, but tell him not to jump too soon.

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