Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get your ex back?

Basically i still love my ex and our relationship ended 5 months ago but i cant seem to get over him no matterwht i try. the thing is he has said that he doesnt no what he wants but he quite likes one of my best friends. the thing is my friends ex likes me but i dont wanna go out with him knowing i still ike my ex. its reli confusing i just want to see if there are anyways to try and win him back. write back plese nosilly ones like ehs not worth it coz that wont work coz he means it to me. please help :SHow to get your ex back?
You can't win him back. You can only give yourself time to get over him. Don't date the other guy if you feel too confused - though it may help you get over him. Just realise that your feelings are normal and will go away - focus on yourself and other things in your life. Your only chance of getting him back is if he sees that you don't need him. When he sees you happy without him he will start to process whether or not he wants to be with you [he won't do this while he knows you want him back - that will only make him value you less and run faster away]. When he sees you have the character to be happy with out him your personality will shine through and in time he may return.How to get your ex back?
See if he is still into you before you do this. Okay send him txts or you can aim him because it is easier than talking in person. Or you can ask him if he wants to hang out, i have been in these situations, but if he doesn't, then just be friends because he probably isn't worth wasting your time and there are lots of other guys out there for you, ones that will love you forever, but if you really want him, go for it girl!

Good luck :)
If your relationship ended 5 months ago. let it be done. If you show ';him'; that you are still after him, it may appear to him that you are weak. Good chance of him taking advantage of your vulnerability. Don't leave your future in his hands. Try to move on, even though it's not easy. Show him that you're strong and have pride. Make him jealous of you. As for his friend, don't go there. If you start dating his friend, you and your ex will still be in the same circle. That will make it harder for you to move on. Don't let your ex call the shots. I wish you strength in getting pass this person.

Why would you even considering dating him again if he likes your best friend and why would you even considering dating your friends ex? Uh, you all need to stop playing Dawson's Creek by boyfriend/gilfriend hoping and move on.

And don't tell us what NOT to comment back with.. If you really want advice, let us tell you the TRUTH and if you're not ready for the truth, then you shouldn't post questions when you've already make up your mind as to what you want to hear.
Everything happens for a reason. You can't force him to get back with you. If he is already over you, you really don't have a chance of getting back together.

I would move on as quick as possible. Go out with your girlfriends, hang with your family more, i dunno, but there are plenty of guys out there. I'm sure another will come along soon!
this is a messed up situation you, u like your ex and he wants your friend but your friends ex wants you. yet u still have feelings for your ex- man. let it go it sounds messed up and confusing why would u wanna be so complex and live on the edge of things like that? life is short leave the drama for someone else and move on.
Work on yourself. Live for today, not yesterday.

Get your nails done, get a new hairdo.

Discover a new hobby.

He is the loser who could not recognize a good thing when he had it.

It is truly his loss, not yours. You can do better and certainly deserve it.

As my old counselor used to say, Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!
Sing to him, ';Get Back'; By Demi Lovato. :]

I'm kidding.

The best thing is to move on.

One thing I know about most guys, though is that if you conspicuously chase after him, he will move farther away.

Guys like to chase after the girls.
I can't undertsand how your typing but sounds childishh; like middle school gay relationships.

I'd say move on; expierence other people.

You sound like 13; way to young to love a boy.

Live your life before you have to settle down :)

My advice would be to get help from an expert..I suggest checking out this site...鈥?/a>

Sign up for the's free...and it will give you a TON of advice that I think will really help you out.

Hope it helps and good luck!

- Katie
Remember one thing-If you loves somebody just set him\her free,if it comes back it's your and if not it was never yours.

As per what i can observe is you really have to come out of this relation.
If he likes your friend and has expressed that to you or you found at even I would not waste time trying. If he still liked you, you wouldnt know if he liked your friend weather he really does or not.

He's an ex for a reason .... spell check is a great tool for ones who need it :-)
Send him a text message to say you love him!
use spell check, then get over him and wait for the guy of your dreams
wait if he likes your friend then move on duh!!

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