Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How many times have you gotten back together with your ex?

I broke up with my wife a few times before we even got married. We patched things up, and then we married.Then we decided to end the marriage a few times, but decided not to each time.

Then she moved back to her home country, and we split.

A few months later, we decided to try things again, and I moved over to her country and we tried things out. We couldn't make things work, so I came back here. But... I wouldn't be at ALL surprised if in 6 months or a year she calls me and asks for another chance. Honestly, I would probably say yes.

Have you ever been in such a situation? I love this woman so much, but when we're together problems always arise; even so, I CAN'T live without her. I need her. It is twisted, but I think it will go on like this for a long time. It prevents me from moving on and finding someone else, but a very big part of me doesn't WANT to move on and find someone else!

I think it's safe to say I am madly, completely in love with this woman. Can you relate?How many times have you gotten back together with your ex?
About three times we talked about splitting. We finally did. It took another woman to talk him into leaving. Now he hasn't seen his

children for over half their lives, the court system turned both our lives upside down, the school system interfered as much as they could because of this man that I still have loving, caring memories

about....but my children have not seen nor vaguely remember his loving caring side. They have only experienced his selfish lonely scared side of responsibilityor love. Talk about twisted. His new wife never wanted him to support or care for his he has left her and she

has called me telling me the story of how she didn't know that he

wasn't paying child support....she doesn't understand how he

doesn't ever call, support, or care about his children....because he gives gifts and support to her grandchildren and left her....etc.

What a soap opera, huh? No it has been my life since I was a child. My mother raised us alone too. So you haven't mentioned children. I hope to the Lord above you have none.

Yeh, I thought I was madly in love and felt loved, but I can't feel

nor think nor know...I am numb after all these years. No love, no hate, just numb after a 10 year divorce that

ended up in realizing the truth. If two people can't fight the world

and the world's ideas to stay end up fighting about the stupidess things that don't matter. When money (the root of all evil, along with power becomes important.....than partners give up, usually. If you trully love someone, love the one your with....fight for it, and learn to give up the fight when it becomes a vicious circle of life. Let her go, really go.....and Hold fast to dreams, cause if dreams die life is a broken wing that cannot fly.

Yes, I can relate. We had the most loving, caring marriage. He treated me like a princess, taking care of anything...we shared

100% of our love when we were together.....and if one of us was

down or ill or whatever, we loved each other so much wo we took

care of things until the other could not take care of something....we shared everything, we sought marriage counseling and it worked to learn what the world can take from our relationship.

But thank goodness, when he said he wanted to leave, I said,

';If you don;'t love me do what you have to do. I want you to stay

but I won't beg you to stay in a marriage that you don't want.

He said, ';but I still love you'; And I said ';figure it out, I will be here.';

Well, I am here. And I am so sad that my children do not know

that loving good side of their father. They never will I guess.

However, I have my memories, and my life has gone on.

I do not regret letting him go....for different reasons than you,

maybe....but does she see other people and you when you split?

The truth is hard to face.....yes, but face it. If the truth is that you do completely let her go, keep her when she returns, stop this merry go round and face your problems together. Other wise Go on with your life, cause after all these times.....yes, she will come back but make sure in your own heart you had really let her go. My husband ';really let me go'; I did not want a husband

who did not love me. So I stayed in truth and the truth came out.

She cannot make up her mind, if you don't really let her go.

Cause if she doesn't come back. It wasn't meant to be.

IF you believe it is meant to be and you love her this much...

I say you both should be able to make it work. Stop diddling in small problems....and..... IF you are being

used and know it....move on, guy move on! Lots of hope, I send

you, but reality and truth is a Good thing. Good for both of you.How many times have you gotten back together with your ex?
i got remarried to the same person 14 times... i have a sad life
i think u ll be tired in this story, and u ll lose some persons which u can really have a long ';love'; story with
Yes that has happened before but not to the point of marriage for me, but in the end that stuff never works out...there has to be more than just love ina relationship, and you guys don't seem very mature either so you guys won't workout in the end.

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