Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get your ex back?

it's been 7 months since my ex broke up with me (he said he ';just wasn't feeling it anymore';and that he just didn't want a relationship at that time) and i'm still not completely over him. we haven't talked at all these past 7 months. i think i want to try and get back together with him, also i know that he's still single and he hasn't dated anyone since we broke up. i've done a lot of self work, i've lost 70 lbs and dyed my hair blonde (i look the best i've ever looked) and i've been seeing a therapist for months now, so i consider myself emotionally stable. how should i go about contacting my ex? should i stage a ';bump into'; or should i just call him up and ask him to get together (that seems a bit forward and out of the blue)? what do you guys think? he also said that he couldn't deal with me being sad all the time. but thanks to therapy, i've dealt with those issues and no longer battle depression. how can i make this evident to him?How to get your ex back?
Same situation not that long ago.

Call him up. Not having any contact with him since the break up makes you miss him TERRIBLY because you never talk to him. If you talk to him and just stay friends then you wont miss him and WONT want him back. Believe me. Just call him up and ask him to go out to lunch sometime. Say you need to catch up on things. And that you miss TALKING to him. Dont say you miss HIM though. That will make him think you want him back. You dont want him thinking that. Just stay friends with him. If it didn't work out once it wont work out again. Don't put your self through that again. Promise me that. One try is enough. If are looking good now find a better guy! Goodluck!!!!!!!!!!How to get your ex back?
i understand what you're going through, it's very hard to accept the fact that someone we love has to leave.therapy may help you but recovery's within can't let go of the past coz you don't want to let go of it.the act of dwelling into negative pasts hold us back to recovery %26amp; moving forward.Accept the fact when he told you that he can't be with you any longer, surely it'll break your heart into pieces but there's no easy way to break someone's heart, my dear...especially if it's true, coz reality hurts so much.but by accepting the fact that he can't be with you coz of whatever reasons, use that fact to help you move forward, you can't keep a person to stay w/ you even if there's no more feelings're becoming selfish, not just to yourself, but for the other party.why?coz your holding back this guy in finding true happiness, %26amp; on the other hand, you're locking up yourself in finding another life after death.who knows how greener those grass outside the next door?as you already know, love can be described into a lot of meanings, %26amp; you need to use one of them, %26amp; interpret, so it'll be evident.sacrificing %26amp; letting go.this' what you need to do right now.sacrificing in a sense that, even you love him so much, you know that he can't be happy w/ you anymore or-if he'd stay for pity..but sooner, he'll ask for freedom, %26amp; the more it'd hurt you coz the feelings' getting deeper each day.letting go coz you love him %26amp; you want him to be happy.he'll come back if he realizes that he' really loves you.don't push him to love you out of's unfair for the both of's hard, but i know, you can pull through...stop dwelling on your past, let go of old memories then move day you'll tell yourself: i've been a freak letting myself locked up like a bird inside the may be tough sometimes but there are a lot of reasons to love %26amp; enjoy grateful w/ your family, friends %26amp; health etc. that you'll never imagine, more people experience even tougher situation compared to yours.use this experience to make you wiser %26amp; insightful on your future relationships.may God bless you on this! :-)
Sorry to break it to you hun but as soon as i read that he said ';just wasn't feeling it anymore'; i knew this wasn't a relationship you could mend back together...just DO YOU! don't worry about him, he obviously doesn't want to be in a relationship and uve gotta just work on keeping happy and living ur life.
Sounds like he has already moved on,don't waste your time with the what ifs'. It's over for reasons that most likely won't change if you to give it another shot. Also how can you be so sure that he's not dating? Do you follow him everywhere he goes?

And you should never loose weight for anyone but yourself!!

If this guy made you feel that you had to do all of that, he is not worth a second of your time. Sounds to me he did a number on your self esteem and you should count your blessings that he is gone. my advice is move on... way on.!!! advice call him maybe his ready to talked to right now...i bet he'll be amazed that u did call him.....but don't jump in any friends with him first and from there try to earn his feelings back for u...good luck
i think since you made your self a better person inside and out ( congrats by the way, thats really awesome) you shouldnt rekindle something in the past. think of the weight loss, therapy, and beauty work as a fresh start, and keep everything fresh! this boy is stale. find a new guy that will appreciate you
He will bring you down. All the good stuff you have done for yourself is for your new life. Let it go.
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