Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get your ex back..please help!?

ok i was with my ex for 4 years and we have been broken up for 3 months now. I know he still cares but the thing is he just started to date this younger girl (shes 18 hes 20) a couple weeks ago. Anyway she just went off to college about 3 hours away from where he lives. We talked the other day and I think hes starting to relize that hey..shes 18 in college and its not going to work...but also he seems really into her but yet still confussed about me...i want to be with him..if anything being apart has made me relize how much i really do love do I get him back...I really do love him and dont want to throw away 4 years. Please help me..thanksHow to get your ex back..please help!?
You need to sit down and discuss this with him. But now you are stepping on another girls toes and that is wrong. I would wait to see if he breaks up with her on his own before talking to him about your feelings. After all, you wouldn't want to be the reason he dumps someone else and you don't ever want him to wonder later down the road what may have happened if he would have stayed with the other girl. Just b/c you were together for 4yrs. doesn't mean he is yours to walk in and steal him back whenever you feel like it. He has moved on and it has been 3 months since you've broke up. You have to let him decide whether he wants to be with the other girl or not. If they break up then you can seize the opportunity, otherwise he is off limits to you.

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