Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How many of you have gotten back with your ex?

I believe impossible is nothing, and im gonna do something about it.

She left me a months back as i have short temper. We have been together for close to a year. I'm her first. She said we could still be friends and hangout but it seems it really aint the case now (continue to read).

Right now, im working on it and going to anger management class. She didn't know about this, i didn't tell her. I only told her im gonna change for the better and she said it's too late. Words dont convince her but I guess actions might.

And now she is like trying to forget me. I know she hasnt, but she is trying. She told me this 2 weeks+ back like she still loves me but not so much anymore (not sure bout now). I don't want her to forget me. I'm working on it.

I didn't contact her for a week already. Days back she actually blocked me on msn. My friend told me she hasnt gotten me yet for sure else she wouldnt have block me. Guess she dont wanna get disappointed again if we got back again. I'm not going to disappoint her anymore. All i wish for is a chance.

I am not contacting her for now. Giving her space. I am gonna change for the better and wait till she is ready to contact me. I want her to see the change in me but I dont know how to show that since we are not exactly friends anymore because there isn't any form of communication. For now, I just gotta wait. Give myself 2 months and see if she contact me back. I'm really sincere.. But not sure if she knows.

So.... That's my plan and my little story. Hopefully it will work. Dont tell me to move on, I only want her.

And what's your story?

What did you do to get him/her back?

How long is the separate before you 2 get together again?

Did you use the no-contact method?

Does breaking the contact really works? I read and heard that like 10001 times and im really really curious.

Thanks!How many of you have gotten back with your ex?
Have you always gotten everything you want? If so, she realizes that life with you

would be impossible. She could have no wants of her own and ever expect them to be fulfilled.

Many guys like you become very controlling, bossy and jealous. Why would any girl

put up with that?

If you want to have a relationship with her or any other person, you must remember

that they are people with wants and needs also. They are not possessions!

A program of understanding how to get along with people could be a big help to you.

Otherwise many hours of marital therapy would be helpful before marriageHow many of you have gotten back with your ex?
Sounds to me like she's probably trying to move on. You should try to get her back but maybe you shold be trying to move on to. I know how hard it is but I think it's better.
Not me, for me it's live and learn.
leave her alone, you blew it with her so get on with your life and try to do better with the next one. Don't be a stalker
I was separated from him for 4 years. We both had are disappointments with our Ex's. We met up and things sparked and we have been together for 22 years now... Happly married.

No contact rule was applied....Yes!
Although, you won't move on and only want her, the problem is SHE does NOT want YOU and has moved on. Just because you are changing for the better it has to be for yourself not for anyone else. As soon as she nixes you off and not acknowledge your changed ways, you will revert back to your old angry self as it was for nothing.

Simply put, just do yourself a favor and change for your self and move on to someone else new and unaffected by your past behaviors. She, your ex, will see that you changed and will actually be happy for the new girl that she experienced a better man, but not enough for her to come back to you. You will become a better man as a result of her, so give her the peace she seeks and leave her to find the right man for her. You will be better off moving on, otherwise, be labeled a stalker. Women never forget anger directed at them when its uncalled for. That is usually Unforgivable and ranks up there with cheating.

I would never ever get back with an ex because it is reason why we broke up to begin with. Moving forward is the healthiest way of moving on. I never look back. Improve yourself for yourself and no one else!

Good luck!
I'd never go back to either of my two exes. Not only am I devoted to my husband completely and eternally, but my exes were a manipulative jerk and a sweet guy that never stood up for me to his psychotic mother (She didn't like me because of my hair color- if tha isn't deranged I don't know what is).

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