Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Get Your Ex Off Your Back?

I Broke Up With My Gril In The Summer Time And I Moved On And Am In A Relationship Now ,But She Isnt Over Me Yet And I Cant Seem To Make Her Realize Its Over, And To Move On With Her Life. Any Suggestions.How To Get Your Ex Off Your Back?
Time.. or maybe try to be Just friends or something? Or set her up with one of your guys?How To Get Your Ex Off Your Back?
Do not call her. Do not text her. Do not email her. Do not keep her on myspace/facebook/whatever. Do not answer her calls. Do not answer her texts. Do not answer her emails. Delete and block her on your IM software. Hook her up with your new girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.
a naked picture of you and new gf. on the back,having a great time,glad your not here,get over

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