Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HOW did you get your ex back or how did he/she get you to take them bacK??

Please tell me your stories....did an ex ever break up with you and you were able to get them back? How did you do it?

Or did you ever break up with someone, but they got YOU to take them back? How??

How long were u together before the long were you apart...and how long were you together after the breakup?HOW did you get your ex back or how did he/she get you to take them bacK??
It was fate. We dated two years in high school. After graduation I dumped him and ran over his foot. As I drove away, he yelled ';you'll be back'; Years went by he married I moved in with my boyfriend. We ran into each other over the years, he divorced and I finally walked out of my 14 year relationship with the boyfriend. About the same time I left the boyfriend, I got an e-mail from the high school sweetheart. He had found my address on Long story short, we were married 6 months later. You never forget your first love!!! Guess he was right, 16 years later I was back!!HOW did you get your ex back or how did he/she get you to take them bacK??
We were dating for about year and half when I broke it off, but two months later he swore to me he loved me and missed me. So I reluctanly took him back, but it didn't last. I was still upset and I broke it off again for good after three months.
I broke it off but in three months i ran into him at a bar and i realize what i did was stupid. He took me back and we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in Sept.!!
After we had been dating for about a year, he broke up with me (I don't drink and his friends do) and started dating this'; other girl';. I made sure that everywhere they went(small town, not hard to do without looking normal) i was there. I never, never said a word to the girl at all, after all, it was his choice to leave me ere, his fault not hers. Anyway, after seeing me talking and flirting with other guys he couldn't take it and we talked and decided to give it another try. So far, we have been together for almost 21 years now, and have been married for almost 11. I guess a break let him know what he really wanted huh?

Thanks for the question.
well he said sumthin realsweet to me we were apart for 3 days

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