Friday, August 20, 2010

Is 6 months apart to long to get back with your ex?

Me and my ex girlfriend split up 6 months ago, this amount of time has past and I still have feelings for her. About a month ago I was getting texts from her daughter out the blue asking if I was ok and what Im up too. Then a few weeks later she text again asking if I knew the password to the Wireless internet access, how i was etc. I have a suspicion that it wasn't her daughter texting as being a 16 year old girl she normally texts in Short hand. Again I could be wrong and it was her daughter all along. I miss my ex and her kids and I was just wondering your views on it.......Thank you in advance!!!Is 6 months apart to long to get back with your ex?
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I would say it was her daughter, maybe she just thought of you and wondered how you were, you didn't fall out with her anyway. As she is asking for access codes, could just be she thought you knew it. I don't think there is anything that could spark this relationship off again after such a long time.
If you can bear to be in the same room why not pay a visit if only to see the kids, it sounds like you had a decent relationship with them and while you broke up with the mother, they didn't have a choice in the matter. At least you will be able to test the temperature of the water if nothing else. What have you got to lose.
i think the answer is in the name,ex.i'd keep it that way
Personally i think 6 months is to long.

I know if i was with someone and we split i would never expect to get back together after 6 months apart,Its half a year!

Im sure if she felt the same you would both have found a better excuse to meet up or bump into one another.

Id say that if the daughter texes you again just ask out of politeness how her mum is? There's no harm in that! And she may either say Mum misses you,In which case you can make a move,Or she'll be honest and say mums fine and happy,You have nothing to lose now tho so you may a well try! x
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