Friday, August 20, 2010

How did you get your ex back?

I was curious if people did how they managed to get their ex bf or gf back after they broke up with you? I have been doing all the usual stuff such as not contacting her and letting her call and text me which she has been doing a lot of. I am basically trying to give the both of us space for right now. I love this girl and want to be with her, she is just wanting the friend thing right now though and I am not able to handle that at this point right now myself.

So let me know how you got your ex back or any suggestions you may have for me.

THXHow did you get your ex back?
Use Facebook.

How To Get Your Ex Back Using Facebook鈥?/a>How did you get your ex back?
omg it took 5 months i did everything i could. I always called, texted, i even wrote him on myspace. I would try to go over alot. I finally gave up i tried so hard and nothing worked. When i finally gave up he came back.%26lt;3
Ex are a big headache so sorry no help... but goodluck

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