Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you ever gotten back with your ex-wife/husband?

And if you did it work for you? Me and my ex are considering getting back together. But Im not too sure about the whole thing but I do miss her like crazy, but I keep telling myself there is reason we got divorced...dont do it. Then agian my heart is telling just give it one more shot. Not only that...but we have 3 little kids...well 2 and a half( stepchild) ages 3,2,1 and I want them to grow up in a very happy home and stable. But tell me your story. thanksHave you ever gotten back with your ex-wife/husband?
NO!Have you ever gotten back with your ex-wife/husband?
My parents got divorced. The day the paperwork was complete was their annivesary, so they got together, and eventually remarried, had me and two more boys and lived another 20 years together before he died of emphysema.

Every relationship has a ';for better'; and a ';for worse'; aspect. Think of how your life will be if you focus on the things that drove you apart every day. Now think of how your life will be if you focus on the things that draw you together every day.

It's up to the two of you, but if you do what you should be doing, which is focusing on the children you're responsible for creating, you'll get together and work out all your problems together for their sake. And live happily ever after.
I've tried multiple times to get back with the guy I dated for over 2 years, but like you said there must be a good reason you ended up breaking up/getting divorced in the first place. I love that boy with all my heart, but once you are separated, it's never the same. It will never go back to the happy loving relationship you once had. The problems you couldn't get over before are still floating around somewhere just waiting to be brought up again. And if you've been with other people since, that makes it even harder because jealousy and questions about the time when you weren't together come up frequently. At least in my experience. But your kids need and love you so you should be there for them regardless.
thats a hard question to answer and too personal of a thing for anyone to advise you on. It depends on a lot of different things and only a good guidance and marriage counselor should be advising you. If you want to get back together than put in the work to try and make it work but don't go into it blind. If you didnt get along before than you might not again. Just take it slow and show your spouse that things have changed and your willing to try and then let things work themself out by time and talking to each other. I left my wife 2 time and then got back together but we couldn't work things out so we parted ways. But we did try. And my best advise is that you should decide if it is worth it and your willing to change as she is willing to and then go for it.
thumper,this is a very difficult subject me and my husband did split up at one point and decided to get back together at first it was great (whats called the honey moon period) during that time we were great together but know it seems that we are back to the same old routine (miserable) even though our relationship through help from the lord has improved us a bit but know we are looking for counseling i feel for you that maybe the first step before remarrying is to get counseling first to see if your really going to make it
Hell to the no. But then again he hit me, was a closet-porn freak, and lied all the time. I wouldnt even give him the time of day now.
I married my ex-friend, after she had married some ahole. we have been married 33 years now.

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