Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get back with your ex boyfriend?

ive been dating this guy for two months but we broke up last night.

it was because of how i was acting around him after i found out something .. basically i was acting cold towards him - during that time, he said we werent as tight and faded away and doesnt like me that much anymore. so he said he doesnt wanna lead me on .it makes me upset thinking i started it because he said that before he liked me alot etc. i dunno .. before we started dating wed get with each other like every week for about 2/3 months and then started to like each other. so when we broke up he said he wnats to restart how we used to be - as friends. because he hates the drama and everything and likes my company. he kept saying how he likes spending time with me that im fun etc and hopes we cna stay friends still. i want that, but i still want him back. how do i do it?How to get back with your ex boyfriend?
Tell him you need to talk to him and when you guys talk (face to face) tell him how you feelHow to get back with your ex boyfriend?
You can do that by making him realize what he had lost. How do you do that? You should avoid him for the meantime. If you constantly run into each other or have common friends, then cut contact. Don't talk or text him. That way, he can miss you. Then send him a letter telling him how you still feel about him and that you want to get back together. Tell him you understand and accept the current situation and that you are still hoping that things will work out well. Inform him that you are giving him space, in case he needs it. Reiterate that you'd like to give the relationship another chance. End it with something like ';call me'; or ';my lines are always open anytime you need me.';
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