Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How long did it take for you to get back with your ex?

Just curious about people who have got back with their ex. How long did it take? What were the reasons? Who took the first step? Do you regret it or are you happy?

How long was you relationship before you broke up?How long did it take for you to get back with your ex?
it takes a loooooong time if it happens, because neither one of the two wants to admit they made a mistake and want to get back together, its almost awkward when you talk about it. its a difficult situation but of ya thinkin bout it id say give it a few months since you broke up. fresh start then.How long did it take for you to get back with your ex?
Yeah, I waited for him for about 5 months. And I realised that he wasn't coming back. During that time, I also realised how disrespectful, undignified and immature he was. Never wait around for an ex.

My friend and her boyfriend broke up. They got back with each other, but it wasn't right - they were trying to save something that couldn't be saved. She says that when he sees him it's just like old times. I told her it's great that you get along, but remember that it wasn't right when you tried again and that it's never going to be right. Don't put yourself through that hurt.
Well I left him, we'd been together for five years and we got back in contact just under a year later. We didn't get back together though, but if you're going to hold out for someone I wouldn't play the waiting game, if I had stuck around waiting for my first love... I'd still be waiting. Talk to them, be friends, don't wait for a miracle, you might get lucky it's not unheard of but in my opinion it's a case of don't ask don't get.
It really depends on your situation. A healthy relationship can reconnect with good communication.

Entire guides are written about this kind of thing, I'd recommend you to you one in particular, The Magic of Making Up, (link in the source)
A few months because he wasnt ready to make the first move and so was i e.g. didnt have the guts to.

In the end he did, the longer apart the more we thought about each other after seeing each other in the park or something, we'd just gaze at each other then looka way.

Im not with him anymore because nothings the same when you get back with an ex.

Ermm just over 3 months

Everyone is different =]
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I never do. They're my 'EX' for a reason. I move forward i don't go back.
i am SO happy i dumped my ex because i never knew he was an actual PIG and made out of scum. he should go die LOL i hate him and totally regret going out with him, the stupid cow
27 years
not a chance in hell....20 years together was way, way to long. Alcoholic jerk

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