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Okay what are some ways that you can get back with your ex boyfriend? any good ways?

Okay Ladys or gentle men . Can anyone give me some good tips on how to get back with your ex. im a girl just to let everyone know. So please give me some good feedback. thanksss %26lt;3Okay what are some ways that you can get back with your ex boyfriend? any good ways?
Well first off break off all Communication with him. Remember absents makes the heart grow fonder. During this time you should try to improve your self and get some of your emotions in check. After at least a month you can contact him, but if it's not in person keep it short and vague. See if he want to get some coffee. Keep it casual. Keep it less than an hour long. Do a couple of these meetings then try to go on a couple dates with him. Then you can see how he feels. Remember it's a long process so be patient.

Answer mine please,

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;鈥?/a>Okay what are some ways that you can get back with your ex boyfriend? any good ways?

Winning back your ex boyfriend is a very difficult thing to do. It is a lot easier to generate feelings in someone, than it is to change their feelings. But if you take the right steps, and more importantly don't do the wrong things, your chances to win him back increase dramatically.

If you want to win your ex boyfriend back then these 3 simple steps should help achieve your goal:

1.The first tip is to get your head straight. You need to remove the negative thoughts. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have to be willing to be strong.

Don't let your emotion and of course your depression keep you down. You can't get your goal, if you can't keep your emotions in check and your mind clear. Negative thoughts are destructive behavior and you don't want them..

2.Don't pester your ex boyfriend. Men just don't like it when girls become obsessive about them. Especially ex boyfriends. You may want to seek comfort by hearing his voice or seeing his face, but if you really want him back, you must back off for a while. Don't continuously him, [spin]text message him, email him, or go to his place or where he hangs out just to see him. You want to give him time to realize he may have made a mistake. He may begin to actually miss you and want to get back with you. If you blow it, you may have a tougher time getting your ex boyfriend back.

3.Become an object of desire. If you can, it will be great to get some new makeup. more recommended things to get are new clothes and new hairstyle. If you've picked up a few pounds, start doing some exercises and try to eat healthy foods. When on the outside, you're going to start feeling better about yourself on the inside. If you will feel good on the inside you will be confident and happy. When you're confident and happy, you will project this image to others. You will become an object of desire to men, including your ex.

These tips were helpful for me to get my ex boyfriend back.Anyhow, if you really want to get him back I will recommend to get good guide on how to get your ex back. There are many guides out there but most of them are crap (I tried too many of them...).

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Hope it helps.

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