Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to win back your ex's love?

I split up with my girlfriend a couple of months ago after a few years together. In this time i've realised how much I miss her and can't do anything or go anywhere without thinking of her. I've always loved her so much, the past few months before we split up though we hardly seen each other and she spent a lot of time with her friends. I've never cheated (i dont, and hope to god she hasnt) i've always been there for her but before we split up I got told that she didnt love me as much as she used to and I became out of ideas on how to get her to love me again until she split up with me because she wanted to move on and enjoy herself with friends. About 3 weeks ago she started talking, well only because we have to because we hang around the same places but we are talking and I have had one night alone with her since and I miss her and I really want her back and for her to love me again, I know its a long shot but how can I do this?How to win back your ex's love?
If it didn't work then do u really think its gonna work now?How to win back your ex's love?
Talk to her tell her how you feel. ask for another chance
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There a bunch of free info on how to get your ex back.

Good luck : )
First love is not again you can win. And always no matter how much better things may seem to have gotten,they are a ex for a reason!
well, then why did you break up with her?...

Advice: let her go, obviously she just needs a ';break';. then sooner or later she'll come around and love you again.
always move forward, not backwards.

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