Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you get back your ex girlfriend? after complacaions?

this is a long one so get ready

she broke up with me twice in the past month. i really love her and i got to beleve she loves me. the olny reason that i think that we broke up is that i went to cancun for spring break and i met this girl there and i emaild my girlfriend that i met this nice girl in cancun and not to worry i would never cheat on her. so i come back form cancune and she askes me if i cheated on her as a joke in cancune (because it is hard for me to tell a lie) and i said that i thought about it for like five seconds. then about a month later she dumps me and blames it on that ';you thought on cheating on me'; and now she is going out with someone els and she talks to me daily and she calls me her ';big bro.'; i just need to know if it would be possible to get her back. if u need further info just tell me and i will get back as soon as possible.

P.S. i am olny thirteen and she is olny eleven

thanks!How do you get back your ex girlfriend? after complacaions?
wow dude. i think she is too young and not mature enough to understand. leave it for a while then u can come back laterHow do you get back your ex girlfriend? after complacaions?

DUDE ; you're in what 7th grade @ the least %26amp;%26amp; freshman year @ the most %26amp;%26amp; she's in like...5th or 6th ? How the hell are you in love ?

How could you guys be in a relationship. I say you should just drop it

Damn, this must be a FINE *** 11 year old.

You don't get your ex girlfriend back.

You be sad for awhile, then pick up the pieces and move on. It's unhealthy to brood over the past.
wow.... dude dont trip over a girl whos 2 years younger then u!!! thats embbarrasing if i were u i wud go out and find a 15 year old!! thats way hotter man! and ur question its not possible she got over u a bit man she calls u her big bro come on now...
the minute you mentioned both your ages, you lost me. I don't even think you should be getting serious with any girl right now. You should be thinking about school. You are so immature that you didn't even think that it was wrong to tell the girl that you had met another girl. You never tell a woman or girl about another female. That is where you made your mistake. If she wants to be your friend, accept how she feels. If she is with another boy already, then she was not meant for you.
buy a dictionary, little man.

and you are waaaaay too young to be in a ';relationship';

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