Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get back with your ex?

I basically left my boyfriend for someone else. i realized now that that was the wrong choice. i feel this will make us stronger IF he would be willing to give me another chance. how do do this? write a letter?How to get back with your ex?
You did the deed, now live with it....How to get back with your ex?
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Once a cheater always ALWAYS a cheater I wouldnt give you a second glance after breatking my heart. I was engaged to be married twice they both cheated on me. There is no way in hell I would ever give a cheater another chance. Especially if you left me for another guy

Shame on you slut
Well if you are still talking every now and then to your ex, then sure tell him that you need to speak to him but IN PERSON is always better than by phone, letters, email or texting. If he's not talking to you, give him time. Because he's probably hurt by what you did. Some guys won't take cheaters back. He'll probably want to do whats best for him if he's smart. But just tell him exactly how you feel. Goodluck.
Do him a favor and let it go. The last thing he needs is a psycho girlfriend who is only good at hurting him, bringing him down... and being a whore.

Haven't you done enough damage already? Jesus Christ just let him find a girl that has class, self-respect, and dedication (those things that you don't possess) without you coming back and screwing everything up again.
put the shoe on the other foot for a moment

if HE were the one to have dumped you to be with another girl, then...*....realized afterwards, wow what a major mistake that was...wishing You'd take him back and give him another chance...what would the odds be??

you say this will make you 'a stronger couple' if he gives you a second chance and sees things how you see it now*?? hmm dont think that will be happening anytime soon%26gt; he will always be thinking he's '2nd' best and you'll always have a wondering eye* but goodluck to you~*
~ I would talk to him in person. A letter is a little inmature and inpersonal. ~
You messed up. Move on.
How could it make your relationship stronger? You ruined all trust that he could have had for you. You betrayed him for another. He may take you back but he will always know that he can't trust you and he will not be happy for that reason.

You'd best leave him alone. You've done enough damage.
do it balls to the wall. go up to him and say ';baybeh, ........'; dont be afraid to do it.
ppl can be so rude... gheez. i used to be like them...until i cheated. but when i did, i DID something about it. kuz the person i cheated with is the love of my freakn life!! i wish i did it sooner! hahah but honestly, i think u should let it be...unless he tried to make an effort. if not, then its best to leave it in the past.... theres a reason y they r called an EX. best of luck babe =]
If he wanted you back he would have made the effort. I'd start fresh with a different guy.
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