Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to win back your ex boyfriend?

Hi, I need advice.

Basically me and my boyfriend were together for 3 years and a half, those three years were magical we never had a single problem. I never lied to him he never lied to me we never argued. Unfortunately some guy called kris came into our life who had a massive crush on me, at first i ignored it because i was in love with andy (my bf) but andy got agressive with me one day and i was scared of him a little and didnt trust him that much, kris was texting me and giving me lots of attention and i began to have a little crush on him, but i didnt tell andy because i was scared and still loved him. andy found out and was upset because i didnt tell him, but he nearly left me but realised i couldnt help it and came back to me, he told me not to text kris anymore to which i said ok, so i did stop texting kris.. but about a month on kris started texting me (by this time i was over kris and only saw him as a friend) i told him to leave me alone but ended up feeling guilty and texting him as a friend again.. andy left me again but realised it wasnt my fault i just felt guilty because kris was using a guilt trip on me.

He said look if you get rid of kris this time we will be together.. so i did i blocked kris on facebook and got completely new number and everything because i wanted him to leave me alone, but about two weeks ago i got a message from kris.. i dont know how the hell he got my number.. but instead of telling andy like i should of done or blocking him on my phone i was just telling him to go away and leave me alone because i want to get on with my life. andy saw the messages in my phone and left me because he thought i had lied to him. I showed him the messages from me saying to kris leave me alone but he said it doesnt matter its the fact u lied to me. So i let him be and we met up the thursday he started crying and saying *i still love you* and was looking deep into my eyes and nearly kissed me. Then he got angry with himself for doing it and saying we wll never be together and to leave him alone to get over me. So i did then he started texting me asking how I am etc... its so confusing.. how do i win him back.. i know he still loves me and misses me.. he tells me xxHow to win back your ex boyfriend?
A lot of people believe that there are ways for getting your ex back!

There are some things you can do or not do that will increase your chances of getting back your ex.

Here is a great website on how to get your ex back: http://www.exbackguides.com/How to win back your ex boyfriend?
Do you love him back?

You should allow Andy to text Kris and tell him to leave you alone. Don't feel bad for Kris, and start focusing on your relationship with Andy. Let Andy text him and he'll leave you alone. Your time with Kris is over... When he texts you, you can't even text him back... at all. Let your boyfriend handle it.

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