Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to win back your ex of one week when it was your fault?

ok.. heres the story.. I got myself just a tad too wrapped up in online poker.. we had been dating for 7 months. (started on valentines day of this year) i played about 4 hours a day i would say, and whenever she would come over, i would play with her there if we were just watching TV or whatever.. she would ask me to get off and i'd as ';why were not doing anything';... she would kinda get a little mad, id put it away after about 20 minutes... now this girl loved me to death and i loved her.. sometimes i didnt show it very much... which i very much regret.. now one night like 2 days before we broke up, i told her i had an online tournament to play at 10, her parents had gone away and we had her house to ourselves.. it lasted up until about 12 at night, which at that point we were laying in bed and she had fallen asleep.. i did feel bad.. i woke her up asked if she wanted to have a smoke outside, she obliged and we went.. then we went back inside and you know what happened lol everything was fine.. the next day.. she broke up with me... she said i spend too much time playing online poker and i wasnt paying enough attention to her... i hate myself for this.. after our break up, i was so distraught.. although we talked off and on throught the days, it hurts me inside and its like a deep pain, to know that i caused this to happen.. i have quit online poker completely after that break up, took me 20 minutes to change my life at that point.. and i want to show her how much ive changed.. ive poured my heart out to her.. gave her a love letter explaining how much i have changed and want to show her how much i really love her and stuff.. and today she told my best friend she loves me still but wants time to think about this.. its KILLING me.. what should i do... because i dont want to press the issue but i want to get my point across to her.. im the only guy her parents have ever let in her room (she is 21 and i am 23 but her parents are protective of their daughter).. she is a gorgeous girl.. but i cant see her slip like this.. she loved me with everything she had and i want to show it to her.. HELP!!!!How to win back your ex of one week when it was your fault?
There are some guys who sit on the computer all day and dont take any notice of the people around them. The housework doesnt get done, they dont go out, they dont have anything to do with raising the kids and they do this all the time when they are at home. Your girlfriend is wise to this so she broke up with you. Wise choice I say.How to win back your ex of one week when it was your fault?
Send flowers and never do it again
Um, well yes you did get it wrong and as you say it took only 20 mins to change your life, you could have done that while dating.

However, what is done is done, you have to earn her respect and trust. Go to her, speak to her and have cinema or theatre tickets that you can prent to prove that you are serious in changing things around. But do give her time after all, you did not give her much of your time previous to that, she had to do a lot of waiting around for you so try to have the same patience

If however she still decides against it, then you will have to move on and learn from the mistakes made.
Getting your ex back can be very difficult, considering we often act on pure emotions than on rational thinking.

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