Monday, August 16, 2010

Ladies help what would make you wanna go back to your ex boyfriend?

my ex broke up with me and i think i did nothing more den push her away i really want her back girls what would make you want to go out with your ex boyfriend. the only things that are good she is willing to talk to me but not about the break up of course she still has feelings for me and she askes me bout my life and if im going out with this specific girl and shows jealousy thats all i have so whats way or anything can i get her back imagine yourself in this position and even after i deleted off of facebook and stopped talking to her and i wrote her a front and back page letter of how she meant to me. and last time i talk to her was in person the reason for our break up is because she doesnt want to put up with the things i do like steal with my friends and basically throwing my future away i make good grades and stopped doing those things its been a month since we broke up and she still texts me once and a while. but yesterday i was telling her in person i love her still and im sorry and we can be friends as in like she can talk not friend friend cause i love her to much for dat but when i was saying dis she was not making eye contact with me she was looking somewhere else but she heard everything i said but den i asked her do you still love me and she responded ';i dont know'; like a lil softly like in a way i dont take it hard and so after dat she was like i dont want to talk bout this so i let her go back inside her house i went home and hour later she texted me saying r u ok and i texted back lol yea duh and she texted oh ok so wassup fool and i texted nothing kinda busy... and she said oh ok we can text later and i put ok... and she not on my facebook cause i took her off and now i need help. i really want her back

Help put what you think honestly help me to be able to get her back put details and what would make you want your ex boyfriend back plz and thankyou :)Ladies help what would make you wanna go back to your ex boyfriend?
wow...nobodys gonna read all this

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