Monday, August 16, 2010

How would you get back with your ex?

I can have lots of other girls but i find that , my ex (who broke up w/ me, over '; i dont have enough time';) is the only one that i really feel happy around. I'm told that surrounding urself with other girls will help get ur ex of of ur mind but it isnt. I 've only talked to her a little bit since we broke up, which was about 2 months ago. How do i get her back?How would you get back with your ex?
OK, I am the master of this and I know the drill inside and out. What you need to do is this in this order:

1. Make friends with another girl - best if it's her friend.

2. Show this girl the BEST time she's ever had.

3. Thank the ex for introducing the two of you.

(at this point the ex and this new girl will talk all about you)

4. This is the elaborate deception: plan a double date with your ex, your new girl and her date.

5. At the date talk to the ex about fun times you guys had and how you should go out again to do these things

6. Wait tick tick tick time is wonderful

7. Plan a date with the ex as just friends - show her the best time you've ever had and do some of the things that you know she likes

8. Break it off with the new chick and tell her ';look I really like you but I really liked hanging with ___________ more and I want to see what happens.';

9. At this point the ex and friend will talk.

10. You will know the very next day if she likes you or not.

Believe me this works. It's deceiving and mean but works.How would you get back with your ex?
try harder.if she wants u then it won't take lots of effort
dont. move forward, dont look back!

if she didnt have enough time then what makes you think she will have enough time now?

move on ... wait until your feelings for her have died down a bit and then you will find plenty of girls who you feel comfortable around, right now you are sending vibes to all the other girls that say ';Im not available'; once your vibes change so will the other girls
well! i've done sooo many things to try to get my ex back but NOTHING worked. but that's only because he was stubborn (and it was a stupid reason why we broke up too!). anyways, maybe you should try the whole friends thing first. maybe go out on a few causal dates every now and then. reassure her that your intentions aren't to get back together (even though they are). make her fall for you all over again, without you putting so much effort into her. make her miss the relationship and you.
They're your ex for a reason, regardless of whether you agree with that reason or not. If she wants to be with you, then she'll come to you, but I wouldn't waste time pursuing her.

If surrounding yourself with other girls isn't doing it for you, find a hobby, hang out with some guy friends, concentrate on studying, etc.
act like you are really happy with your life and make her jealous with a fake gorgeous girlfriend,,,,don't you know anything,,,jealousy is the way to a woman's heart,,,,,then call her that you broke up with the fake one and ask to console in her,,,she will act like she feels bad that you broke up,,,then say out of the blue,,hey do you want to go and grab a cup of coffee,,,you ll be back in bed that night
Just keep talking to her every week or so ,,,, and maybe she'll find the time,,,, but don't hold your breath
Think about your future if she said she does not have time for you then she is not interested! Stop looking back!
Look man... I had that problem wtih my first... But after handling my inner self, I no longer have that problem. I don't have that problem with any girl now, for real... You just need to get your inner self handled and your whole life will be different. But to answer your question, just try to have a serious talk with her and if she really loved you before then it shouldnt be a problem getting back. Love doesn't fade over a few months...
wow.. hmm.. don't try surrounding yourself with other girls, it never works. it makes you feel weird and the feelings don't go away. try talking to your ex more, trying to keep a friendship alive, that helps.. if she's the only one you're happy around then be around her. just really think about if you want to get back with her. maybe it's just because you guys are broken up. mor maybe it's just being happy with her around and not wanting to get back with her. think before you try to get back with her. just don't say something about it. look like you just want to be friends and see what happens from that. take it slow, even if it hurts, if you get back together it'll be worth it. and def try to make time for her..
Try asking her out for a casual lunch. But dont get your hopes up, ex's are usually ex's for a reason. And surrounding yourself with other girls is not the answer because from what I gathered, you were just around them for sex. But it sounds like what you want is substance. If it doesnt work out with your ex you should take a rest from women for a bit, it might help. I hope you have much luck in the future :D
forget her. she broke up with you. let her have what she wants and find a girl that wants to be with ya.

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