Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get your ex back that you are now friends with benifits with?

my exboyfriend and I are now friends with benifits, it was his idea and i agreed because i knew it was a way to keep him in my life and possibly get him back (dont judge me)

do you have any ideas on how i can get him back? we were together for about 5 months and in love with eachother, its a long story on how things ended but i really want him back.How to get your ex back that you are now friends with benifits with?

Winning back an ex is a very difficult thing to do. It is a lot easier to generate feelings in someone, than it is to change their feelings. But if you do the right things, and more importantly don't do the wrong things, your chances to win him back increase dramatically.

if you desire to get your ex back try following these steps:

1.one of the most important things is to get your head straight. You need to remove the negative thoughts. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have to be willing to be strong.

Don't let your emotion and especially depression keep you down. You can't achieve the goal, if you can't keep your emotions in check and your mind clear. Bad thoughts are destructive behavior and you don't want them..

2.Don't pester your ex boyfriend. Men just don't like it when girls become obsessive about them. Especially ex boyfriends. You may want to relax by hearing his voice or seeing his face, but if you really want him back, you must back off for a while. Don't continuously call him, email him, or go to his place or where he hangs out just to see him. It's very important give him time to realize he may have made a mistake. He may begin to actually miss you and want you back. If you blow it, you may have a tougher time getting him back.

3.Become an object of desire. If you can, get some new makeup. more recommended things to get are new clothes and new hairstyle. If you've picked up a few pounds, start doing some exercises and eating healthy. When looking good on the outside, you're going to start feeling better about yourself on the inside. If you will feel good on the inside you will be confident and happy. When you're confident and happy, others will easily see it. You will become an object of desire to men, this includes your ex boyfriend.

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I hope that you will get your ex boyfriend back soon!How to get your ex back that you are now friends with benifits with?
If you want him back you need to stop sleeping with him. It might sounds weird but that is the only way. You need to stop giving him the thing that needs to be shared in relationship. It seems like he is just using you.

A lot of people believe that there are ways for getting your ex back!

There are some things you can do or not do that will increase your chances of getting back your ex.

Here is a great website on how to get your ex back. Check it out if you want to:

.Nicole FWB only works for the guy.He has all the comforts of home.Without cost,commitment or respect.He'll dump you as soon as he finds a suitable replacement.Stop degrading yourself for a crumb off his late.Move on.Guys don't respect bed partners
im in the same exact situation, seriously.

ugh guys are confusing. i think u should just give up on him, and just be friends with benefits until you find a better guy, thats what im doing.
Why should he be your boyfriend again when you give him what he wants with no commitment from him? You are being used.

This ';friends with benefits'; is the dumbest thing you kids have ever thought up.
Ok ....firstly if you think he's not worth it then why bother right..? but if he is worth it then try this .... i mean nobody want's to feel like their in debt, society now days only works via debts if you know what i mean. so if there is a problem you know he needs help with then solve it! no problem..? create one. {{don't do something stupid}} something classy yet classic .. the other one is if you want him closer find a way to make him feel like he is special so like bring back old times if he has saved you or get an advantage of something that he helped you with ....you keep reminding him that it was a massive favour and keep reminding him that.that way he will want to keep you by his side

work's for me! should work for you

and remember do what feel right if something doesn't feel right then don'good luck (Y)

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