Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get back with your ex with out seeming needy?

I am 8 months pregnat and the dad and i are not together, but i would like us to be. How would i approach that situation with him without giving him the upper hand in the situation?How do you get back with your ex with out seeming needy?
You would look very needy if you call him now. Wait until the baby is born and call him to the house to see his baby. If he falls in love with the baby, then there is a chance for you to be together again.How do you get back with your ex with out seeming needy?
Hi Swaddell

I'm In exactly the same boat except in reverse, I would of loved to of have a family with my ex %26amp; the little one but unfortunately life doesn't always go to plan.

There seems to be a power struggle here in the relationship on both sides (not healthy), My advise is to not beat around the bush - guys need things spelt out for them clearly %26amp; strait to the point.

The priority is not you %26amp; him anymore but the baby. When you talk to him next make it clear that you would like to get back together %26amp; start again, He may need time but give him a deadline. If he decides the answer is NO then its not the end of your life but the best thing to this point.

You are now free to move on. If He doesn't want to be with you

thats fine, he is still responsible for the baby as much as you are %26amp; yes you both will still need to communicate but only about the baby! %26amp; there are alot of great guys out there that wouldn't care if you have a kid or not.

Don't expect things to change. You have to take action %26amp; do the changing yourself %26amp; keep friends %26amp; family close %26amp; be strong.


im in a situation like that. except im the dad's girlfriend. (so if that's the case. dont try to ruin that relationship or he will get angry with you. and you need a good relationship with your baby's dad)

but otherwise, just talk to him about what you are feeling and that you would like to raise the baby in a loving family. with him in it. =]

Good luck!

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