Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How did you win back your ex?

Just curious to see what others do to get back together with their ex spouse after a divorce or a separation.How did you win back your ex?
Just talking to them.How did you win back your ex?
When me and my ex boyfriend were going out with each other when we were in our teens and twenties, we just didn't get along. It lasted 7 years, then we broke up and eventually I got married at 28. 17 years later he contacted me and since I was divorced by then he asked me to be his girl again, claiming he always loved me and always will. I said, ';Ok, but we'll have to take it slow.'; We when we went out a few times and immediately I noticed that he continued his bad habits from yester-year. For instance, acting so shocked at every opinion I had and putting me down or knocking my opinions down every time it didn't agree with his. He was always hyper and contrary like that, but I thought he'd eventually grow out of it and grow up, but he didn't. I knew he was never going to change, and that is why I broke up with him the first and second time around. People seldom change their true personality. They may change aspects of it, but to change a whole personality is asking for miracles. My advice is, remember why you broke up in the first place and then remind yourself that it will happen again and again no matter what you do to try and change it. I'm 44 yrs old and have closely watched social behaviors as a part of my job and have experienced these kinds of things in my own life also. I say move on. It's a better choice for everyone.
Why on earth would I do that? But I have had an ex bf follow me around for a year and a half after he broke up with me. I just acted like I didn't care and it didn't matter to me at all. It must have drove him nuts. He even attempted to run whatever man I might be talking to off. He'd show up at the club and my favorite restaurant, drive by my house. Even after he started dating someone else, he moved her in a few doors down from where I live. The best way to do it is to be happy and don't let them think you care.
Do a search for an ebook called... ';Second Chance Romance';

My friend bought it and got her ex back in like 2 days thanks to the book.

Hope it helps and good luck!!!

- Katie : )
Let me guess, with an user name like yours, the marriage failed the first time either because of you or both of you...

I would stay away until I wasn't so ';torn';
heres a few things that i might say.
I didn't...I moved on, Now I am married to a wonderful man.

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