Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How could you get your ex back?

Well you see i really like this guy and my so called friend is about to go out with him and i feel like i would die if that happend. But i really do love him it hurts so muh to think about it. How can i get over him. Help please im on verge of a breakdownHow could you get your ex back?
A lot of people believe that there are ways for getting your ex back!

There are some things you can do or not do that will increase your chances of getting back your ex.

Here is a great website on how to get your ex back. Check it out if you want to: http://www.exbackguides.com/How could you get your ex back?
If you want to get an ex back it is easy if you know how. It may take work though, because your relationship did not start to fall apart overnight. Many relationships falter at different reasons. You read more here..


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The only way i fell out of love with my ex was realising that hes changed and that he doesnt love me anymore. I take it your young so get out of the house get 'true friends' female but more male friends because they can make you feel alot better because they're boys and they are all the same. Enjoy being single for awhile and remember hes an ex for a reason.

If you really do want him back - do the following:

- No texting/ phone calls

- Keep the conversation short

- Smile alot

- If your ever around him just be your normal HAPPY self

- Look amazing when your around him

- Give hints that your into other guys

All these gives him a since that you've moved on and aren't bothered about the break up which makes him come crawling back ;)

Good luck sweetie

Not much of a friend! Real quick and easy answers for getting him back...before the vultures move in...http://www.getexbacknow.com/relationship-answers

Ask your questions here for quick and really good advice.
If this is your ex and your friend is getting with him. Thats not a friend. Tell that girl how you would feel if she did that. And just dont think about him anymore try meeting new people..............he does not care about you if he is trying to date your friend.
It might be time to make a move and stop hanging back and observing what's going on. If you don't you'll wish you did, and unless you do, you'll never know if it'll work out again.
flirt like you never flirted before make it obvious you still like him and ask him out

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