Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When do you know you want your ex back?

I broke up with my ex a few weeks ago and am feeling jealosy because she only talks tomy friend now who is dating her frieend. She doesn't like him, but I like her and want her to talk to me without it being small talk or awkward since after the breakup. How can I get her to notice me again and talk to me more?When do you know you want your ex back?
You know wen you want your ex back when you look at her all the time, when you get jealous of her talking to other boys, you also know wen you get a little protective and can't talk to each other the same way, you did when you went out. Walk past her, say Hi alot text her call her, be a littl;e more friendly and try and not be so jealous because when you are jealous your face may make a odd emotion causing her to wonder....When do you know you want your ex back?
Well it seems you enjoy ';forbidden fruit';. Which means you want what you can't have. I would just talk to her. If she wants to talk then she'll reply. If not, well then you would have gotten it over with early.
Walk pass her a few times. Try to im her on messenger or try to just ask her if she have time to have a conv. with her for a few minutes.
when you think about your boyfriend but your ex's name comes to mind instead.

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