Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Song lyrics about your ex coming back into your life?

So i got reconnected with my ex a couple days ago and we have been talking since then. I need lyrics to tell him how i feel. I still do love him and he still loves me. But there is one little twist...he has a wife and kids. And his wife is my cousin. I just need something to tell him that i missed him and now that he's back my feelings for him are back as well. Please help. The more songs, the better. Thank you!Song lyrics about your ex coming back into your life?
';Welcome To My Nightmare'; ~ Alice CooperSong lyrics about your ex coming back into your life?
oh oh oh i love u love i u love u , i now that the time is over for me you but i still am love with you

you make gooo crazy i think about you all dayyyyyy long i cant stand a minute with out you u u

i know the times are different but i cant stay away from you

oh oh oh

oh oh oh

oh oh

please come back to me

please come back to me

sha sha la la la

i need u in my life

(that all I CAN think of )
Im in love with my ex aswell and he has a girlfriend, except im happy for him, this is the lyric that makes me cry...

';i still cant believe you found somebody new, but i wish you the best...i guess';

John Legend- Everybody Knows
I think you should personally write him a song. It's like when a kid gives a parent an art they made in school. It's always better when it comes from you. :) GooD luck.
Lips Of An Angel - Hinder.

Sum 41 - Best of me
';How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away';

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