Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reverse psychology... to get back your ex?

It is from ';the magic of making up'; you send them this letter - and it is suppose to have a reverse psychology effect and make them want to contact you again and re think ending things now that you are ok with ending things.


I just wanted to let you know that i understand and agree with your decision to end things and would like to apologize for how i initially reacted about everything.

Oh! And i have since had quite the streak of luck, funny timing huh?

Would like to catch up fill you in some time in the future.

Take Care

-Name)Reverse psychology... to get back your ex?
I'm assuming you want to know if the purpose for this letter is to get back at your ex. The answer is: yes. The letter is not only trying to make it clear to your ex that after thinking about you are completely fine with them leaving (which makes them ask the question ';why don't they care more?';) but also tries to perk their curiosity by mentioning the ';streak of luck';. It's designed to hook their interest and make them want to be involved in your life.

I have to say though, that this kind of deception really isn't a good way to have a relationship with someone. If the only way you can keep them in your life is by manipulating them then you probably were not meant to be together. Relationships work best when you can have open and honest conversations with people. Manipulation eventually back fires and makes people angry.Reverse psychology... to get back your ex?
well this is more a gloating letter .

sentence like


you left some of your clothing here, you know the ones you wore to the Christmas party , can i throw them out or?

if he reply's with no il come get them you might get back together

if he said yes, he's over you
I never understood why people would want to get back together with someone who doesn't want them. It's always short lived and never ends well. The letter looks kinda lame. And you'd have to ';create'; those lucky things. Lies and more deceit.
Once trust is broken, it may never be rebuilt. Best to find another where the slate is clean.
If it didn't work the first time...it's probably gonna fail the second time.
One answer...if he/she is your EX enough said, if you broke up why go through what you went through before again?
What is your question?

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