Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get back to your ex and is it worth it?

My ex and I have always been in the downs and that i feel that he is always the controlling freak like how he wants things to be done only in his way. I tired telling him nicely without the screamings that sometimes he is not right but he wont listen and instead calls me the controlling one. We had an argument and i decided to pack my stuff and move back to my apt. And basically he said to me, if i go, its over and there is no turning back and that i would regret my actions. He did this infront of his friend and i felt that there is no way that I can just stay on. In the past, i would call back later and try to get things back together but this time I stopped calling. We hadnt talked in a week and i didnt expect him to call back ( and of course he didnt). I felt this breakup is so incomplete. How do you tell a guy that he was wrong. I admit i have my own faults in this relationship but he wont listen to me? He can be so sweet but i cant deal with his know it all.How to get back to your ex and is it worth it?
Write him a letter venting all of your frustrations and feelings. You can choose whether or not you want to send it. Write the letter and then be done with it and move on. You can do so much better than him anyway. Don't stoop yourself to his level. Good luck!How to get back to your ex and is it worth it?
You are caught between your emotional tieup and your logical mind. He seems possessive by nature and treats you like a Property, but you are enamoured by his talents or virtues which you need to take into account. In dealing with such personality, you have to make A,B,C analysis and find the factors on which you can and cannot take his dictates. This will take you to surmise what you are likely to gain /lose by beeing his girlfriend and later wife.
gurl send him a letter or email me and spill ur guts. let him noe tha he can't alwayz be right in a realitionship it takes either one person wrong or right and u can't alwayz be the cause of everything goin wrong. tell him tha even though u care about him u also wat to let him noe tha u r getting annoyed by all this fightin and u wat things to work out btw u two and it can't work out if u two are alwayz fighting over whose wrong and whose right. basicially tell him everything u just told us tha u care about him and this is not how u wat to end ur realitionship wit him. let him noe tha u think he is sweet and my best advice is to get over who is wrong or right in a realitionship. there is no wrong or right just try to work through tha. there is no wrong as long as u r together. good luck and i hope u can work things out.
Don't put anything in writing, as it can and most always is used against you. I think I have heard of a book of ways to get even. I can't remember exactly, but one way is to page a bunch of different people using his cell/pager number in the middle of the night. Each time it will be a different person calling, and they will think he's calling and they are returning HIS call. Another plan I heard about was to place an ad in a biker magazine advertising free motor cycle parts (at your ex's address) have a keg of beer delivered as people as showing up.
I think you should just cut off all ties to him it sounds like he has a lot of problems and I don't think he is worth it.
time to move on --- from what you stated you are compatible for a love relationship --- try being friends only
i just went through the same thing and i decided not to have anything to do with him hun he is not worth it he is just going to keeping being him he is not going to change you shouldnt let a guy walk all over you like that there are better men out there. if he really wante you he would have called you a long time ago. let him think that it is not bothering you and then he will relize that he fucke and he might come back.
I really praise you for what you did. Do you have any idea how many girls are stuck in relationships like that without the courage to do something about it? Great Job. You don't have to tell him he's wrong. Those kinds of guys are extremely insecure....I know from experience. He will call you I don't doubt it. But remember, even if he says he will change because I know he will, do NOT believe it. Guys like that DO NOT change. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!
ITS OF NO USE. Guys are stubborn. Let it go and belive that you did the right thing. He's gonna regret wasting an opportunity to get back to you. Dont let ego be ur boss. Be the better person and be STRONG!!! You knoww you are right an thats what matters the most.
hm, he doesn't sound like too much of a psycho like other boyfriends ppl complain about on here (as long as he's not that controlling-which will always escalate), so that's a good start. i don't say this often but i think you should try to work it out, just don't live with him right now. it sounds like you two are scared of being rejected by eachother and don't feel completely secure yet, and since you aren't permanently hooked (married) yet living together it creates confusion. try to suck back a bit of pride and talk to him about it, tell him how you feel.

oh, one more thing, i once told someone it was absolutely over after they left my house during a fight. and i would have taken it back if he had apologized - i only said it because i was so hurt and surprised.

good luck to ya hope you make out well, and if you don't end up with him than i hope you find someone who you will be very comfortable and happy with.
He has backed himself into a corner in front of his friend so it will be harder for him to do a u-turn now. you care?

Why be with someone who has to have things 'his' way. A relationship is about being partners and feeling 50% of a couple. It doesn't sound like this is the case.

Controlling people always lay down the big ultimatum. If you leave then it's forever.........he's just trying to see how far he can go before you crack.

Do yourself the biggest favour and stay away from this guy. He may be sweet - but my guess is it's only when he feels like it.

I stay with my husband because of the following:

I am appreciated

I am loved.

My opinion counts.

He doesn't play stupid mind games with me.

Make a new rule for your life....if someone brings you happiness and love then have them in your life, if not DUMP THEM!!!!!!

Good Luck.
It sounds like you're seeking closure. Although it's something we all should have when a relationship ends, unfortunately it's not a reality.

You may not ever get closure from him, instead you'll have to get it from within. Accept that this relationship wasn't healthy for you, learn from all the mistakes that were made and decide not to repeat them. Allow the experience to remain a part of your past as something that has enriched your knowlege of yourself and your expecations of a relationship.

It can be a long and difficult journey, but will lead you to more rewarding relationships with others and with yourself.
really i would just move on make your life much better then it ever was before, and he will eventually see, if he doesnt that he is not worth it and the two of you were not meant to be with one another. Revenge is never the answer, if you want to speak your mind you could always write him a letter, just saying i have to say this and get it off my chest, just make sure that you dont say anything you wouldnt want anyone else to hear, just in case someone else is reading too.
Living well is the best revenge. Give yourself some time to heal and move forwards. Get your own life and routine back. You'll find you're better off without him in the long run.
The best revenge you can possibly have is to move on and live life better than ever. Think about it. If you took direct revenge on him, you will feel bad about it, and he will get to tell his friends that you are still obsessed with him. However if you move on, and do well in life, he's going to look back and regret how he treated you. That is a much better long term payoff if you ask me :)
i agree woth the rest of them.

just foget bout him.

keep of eh drugs.
Get rid of him already. Quit wasting your time on him. It'll be a cold day in hell before he starts admitting his mistakes and faults. Unless you want to continue the on again off again cycle, move on. You will find someone who will openly talk to you, understand your feelings, and be willing to change for you. But this guy isn't him.
you really should not ant to be with someone who is controlling. so what i would do is, chill out for a while spend some ';me time'; , hang out with friends and family and if HE realizes his controlling then i would have second thoughts.
most guys they think that oh its easy to just get her back but if the guy thinks he can get away with it he cant he cant and can not be allowed the opportunity to give him a chance
if he really cared for you he wouldnt have done what he did and he definitely wouldnt have disrespected you in front of his friend he is not the one for you so you shouldnt even make an effort in getting him back because its not woth it
why in the world are you so dead set on telling a man that he is wrong? Don't you know that is impossible! He will never agree with you so there is no point in even saying it.

Move on.

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