Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get back a your ex?

Me and my boyfriend where supposed to go tothe movies tonight but i had allready made other plans so i cancld at first he seems okay.. but the next day he brakes up with me and come to find out he was making out with my best friend to get back at me just because i couldn't go to the movies and it reallly broke my heart so like i need to know what i can do to make him want me back and make him regret what happened some one help me?How do you get back a your ex?
something was going on between him and ur 'best friend' already. to get back at him just ignore him. whenever he does something that's supposed to get back at u just shrug it off and say whatever. just don't show that u care or cared about him.How do you get back a your ex?
Well he begged me to go back out with him and i just ignored him and i am now going out with some one he hates and it is getting on his nerves so bad

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